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Welcome to my personal website. You can find my math exposition, writing, and code here.

If you are looking for either MAST or MAC, please visit

Those who want to reference my old materials or writing can find it at

Top Links

This is my content that I think is most relevant, has been referenced more often, or have garnered the most interest.


  • Math Advance!

    Math Advance! is the parent organization of MAC, the group behind the JMCs and MAT, and MAST, an online AIME training program modeled after Evan Chen's OTIS. This is the organization most people seem to know me for.

  • Contest Report (TeX)

    This is a reflection on the contests I've ran under MAC and some advice for those interested in running their own contests.


Nothing for now.



    The code for this website.

  • denniscv

    A LaTeX document class used to typeset CVs. Scales to multiple pages.