Frequently Asked Questions

These are some questions I've been asked often. Before asking me a question, please check if it's already answered on here.


Can you look at or help with my contest?


I'm sorry, but I just don't have the time or energy to help with other contests right now. My energy is currently focused on Math Advance, and even then, I've started falling behind where I want to be.


How did you make this website and the Math Advance websites?

I use the following stack for frontend:

Node JS + React JS + Next JS + Tailwind CSS + MDX

Perhaps some of these tools are unfamiliar to you. Here's a quick summary on what each of them do.

Node JS is a Javascript runtime. React JS is the framework.1 Next JS handles page fetching and rendering. Tailwind CSS is a tool to quickly create components with utility classes. MDX, or MarkdownX, is a fusion of the markdown and JSX filetypes, and I use it to write the content of the website.

Now, it's important to understand that each piece in a stack is orthogonal. They are not related to each other at all. Sure, there are integrations that make them play together better. But if you don't like a certain piece, just substitute it for something else. And above all, understand the general role that each piece of the stack serves.

As for backend, we use Firebase in the MAT website, and MongoDB for the MAST website. We have our own server for the MAST website, and we're not using Mongo Atlas.

  1. If we're splitting hairs, React is really more of a library than a framework.