Mock Contest Recommendations


These are the mock contests I have written for. One of my problems must be on the contest for it to count; testsolving does not count.

Contests from Math Advance will not be listed here, since I see no point when they are already on the MAT website.


These are mock contests I have personally worked through and recommend. Again, no Math Advance contests included.

Lists are sorted, in roughly descending order, of how topical I think each contest is. Topicality is based on recency and accuracy to the original contest.

Lists are not sorted by quality.



  • AoPS Open MATHCOUNTS Nationals Year 2

    I only testsolved the Target Round, but it was so good that I'm breaking my rule of only putting contests I fully completed on this list.

  • SMC

    AIME and USA(J)MO mock, with no overlapping problems. There is no known solution to Problem 2 on the mock USAMO.

  • Fake USA(J)MO

    USA(J)MO mock with overlapping problems.

  • April Mock USAJMO